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Friday, March 8, 2013

Who was Sharon Marshall? A shocking unsolved case


An unsolved case with more twists than the ones found in movies. Sharon Marshall was a girl living with her so called father Franklin Delano Floyd. Floyd was a psychopath, sexual predator and convicted felon. As you probably guessed Sharon was not truly his daughter, nor that was her real name. There are many theories, with the most famous being that Floyd had kidnapped and raised the girl as his own daughter, while sexually abusing her from a very young age.  Although, Floyd stated that he took care of Sharon because her parents had abandoned her.

Nothing is known for Sharon Marshall until today. Her estimated birth date was around the 1960s. Her first (fake) name, with which she registered in her first school in Oklahoma arround 1975 was Suzanne Davis.

It was the first time where she came across some questions from her friends. Everytime she was asked  about her mother she was answering that she had died of cancer or died in a car accident,when she was younger. Of course that is a story she had to tell.When the questions became more persistant, Floyd picked her up to change place or school.As for her grades, Sharon(Suzanne) is described as a good student with nice personality.

After her graduation they moved to Phoenix and then Tampa, where Sharon(at the time under the name Tonya Dawn Tadlock)  gave birth to a baby boy on March 21, 1988. Floyd at the time was using the name Charles Hughes and that is why they named the boy Michael Hughes.

Around that time Sharon Started working as an exotic dancer where she made a friend. Cheryl Ann Commesso was a dancer as well working at the same club with Sharon. Later thought Cheryl was found dead. She was beaten and shot two times in the back of her head. She was dumped somehwere in florida and while noone had identified her she stayed in the files under "Jane Doe". It wasn't much later that Floyd and Sharon moved while their trailor was burned to the ground before they left.

In 1989 Sharon and Floyd got married in New Orleans under the names  Clarence Marcus Hughes and Tonya Dawn Tadlock. About  a year later, Sharon was killed in a hit and run accident. She and Floyd were conected as suspects to Cheryl's death, while Floyd it is still considered unil today the primary suspect of the hit and run accident of Sharon who was at the time both his daughter and wife.

After Sharon has died it was proved with DNA test that Michael was not the son of Floyd and his visits were terminated. The kid was given to a foster family. The new family told that Michael had verbal difficulties as well as limited muscle control and hysterical behaviour. 

And while this story seemed to be over, in 1994, Michael was kidnapped by Floyd in his school. While Floyd got arrested later there was no sign of the boy and he refused to give any details in the police. Later, photos of his abusive behaviour against Sharon and Cheryl as well as other females where found convicting him to death row.

 Sharon is buried in Choctaw. She has never been identified and no one knows who her real family was until today. The little boy was also never found and is presumed dead.

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